An Eyefull of The Feltron Report

I thought I’d share this with you firstly because it blows my mind, and secondly because I think it presents some quite intriguing questions, if only momentarily.

A few days ago I revisited Nicholas Felton’s collection of Annual Reports (confusingly named The Feltron Report) having first discovered it in 2009 and, well, let’s just say the guy has been busy.

Put simply, in 2005 Niholas Felton decided he would track his daily activities by keeping a series of notes, tallies and reminders for the course of a year and publish the results. Every journey, trip and commute was logged and stored away with other day-to-day events such as snapping a photograph or visiting a restaurant. The published 2005 results are a brief but quite interesting set of numbers and graphs. There are a couple of things worth considering, however. The 2005 Feltron report (from memory) pre-dates any notable infographics I can remember and aside from note-taking there were no records collected with the use of a smartphone (I’m not even sure the term smartphone existed).

Today, looking at the collection of Annual Reports through to 2012 makes the 2005 report look like a primary school project. I’ll let you see the level of detail for yourselves but suffice it to say it makes for some super freaky looking graphs and visual data. A little light digging and we also discover that Nicholas Felton has since joined the product design team at Facebook (and is largely responsible for Timeline) and has co-founded the release of an app called Daytum that enables you and I to collect and manage everyday activites (and thus compile your own reports, presumably).

All nerdiness aside it does tickle my interest in seeing raw numbers for everyday occurrences. Alas, I’m left to burn wondering exactly how many times I’ve missed the bus, watched ‘Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade’ or high-fived a granny (we’re talking at least 12 times). Perhaps I’ll download Daytum and put my curiosity at ease.

Check out a few spreads from the Fetron Reports below and head over to for more.

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