September Playlist: We’re Acoustic

The process of compiling a playlist can be a strenuous affair for me. The selection of ten songs that when played in a sequence manage to encapsulate a genre may be easy for some to dismiss as easy; throw together a few personal favourites and one or two classics would be a sturdy, reliable approach. However, I like to take a more calculated route. I’m an (ex-)musician with a love and keen ear for ALL music. As such these monthly playlists are conducted as a personal challenge. A test of cultural esteem.

I realise that for many there will be inexcusable exclusions from this list and it’s to be expected. I have intentionally avoided some of the staple tracks considered to be definitive of the acoustic genre. There are a few tracks and artists you’re likely to recognise but ultimately I aim to appeal to your sense of discovery,  not familiarity.

Get comfy and press play.